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Some Progress

Well, I haven’t officially done day one, but we organized a closet yesterday, as well as our key cabinet. This morning we painted the dining room. Doing lots of laundry today while watching the Packers game.

Hmmm, what happened?

Well, I really didn’t do the Soul Coaching day 1 today. I ended up working 2 hours longer than I expected, and then the kids were kind of aggravating me, so Greg took me out to dinner. We got home at 8, talked to the kids, etc. I’m sitting here trying to...

My First Musing

Well, here it is, my first musing here at I am starting a program to clear out things that are blocking me so I can become fully present. Along with other things, I am working through a book by one of my favorite Hay House authors, Denise Linn. She...